10 coolest medieval weapons that were super deadly


Any medieval warrior would have avoided confronting anyone who carried any of these rare, deadly and cruel weapons of the ancient world.

For centuries, men devised instruments to crush, torture and assassinate their opponents, long before the existence of modern weapons that eliminate people in a few shots and from a distance. The weapons of antiquity stood out for having methods which, undoubtedly, none of us would wish to experience. Take a look at some of these sinister models.

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What is a Main Gauche?


Also referred to as a parrying dagger, main gauche swords were used in juxtaposition with traditional rapiers during the late Middle Ages. The main gauche, which is French for left hand, was used to deflect incoming attacks while the rapier was utilized for offense. If the opportunity presented itself, the main gauche could also be used for offense, of course.

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‘Caesar was stabbed with twenty-three dagger thrusts and uttered not a word, but only a groan at the first stroke, though some have related that when Marcus Brutus rushed at him, he said in Greek,”You, too, child?””  This is how Suetonius the author of “The Life of Caesar” describes his death.  Nero, the evilest of Roman Emperors stabbed himself in the throat with a dagger.

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