Butterfly Sword


Prior to World War II, the butterfly sword was not well-known outside of China. The deadly swords feature a single-edged blade that is as long as a human forearm. This length allowed for concealment inside loose sleeves or boots. Typically, butterfly swords are wielded in pairs.

Butterfly swords, also known as butterfly knives, were only sharpened from the midpoint to the tip. This way, the dull part of the battle knives could be used to knock an opponent unconscious without being fatal. Another interesting fact is that butterfly swords were often kept in the same scabbard. This gave the illusion of a single weapon until the wielder was ready to attack.

Bowie Knife

bowie-knifeThe most famous version of the Bowie Knife was designed by Colonel James “Jim” Bowie and was presented to blacksmith James Black in the form of a carved wooden model in December of 1830. Black produced the knife ordered by Bowie although its common use refers to any large sheath knife with a clip point.

This knife became famous as the knife used by Bowie at the Sandbar fight, which was the famous 1837 due between Bowie and several men. In this battle Bowie was stabbed and beaten half to death but managed to win the fight.

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