10 coolest medieval weapons that were super deadly


Any medieval warrior would have avoided confronting anyone who carried any of these rare, deadly and cruel weapons of the ancient world.

For centuries, men devised instruments to crush, torture and assassinate their opponents, long before the existence of modern weapons that eliminate people in a few shots and from a distance. The weapons of antiquity stood out for having methods which, undoubtedly, none of us would wish to experience. Take a look at some of these sinister models.

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The Bow



The bows used in the Middle Ages were of several types: short-range bows, compound bows and long-range bows. Short-range bows measuring between 1 and 1.20 meters in size, and were fairly simple to manufacture and handle. They were the type of bow used most frequently. They had a medium-range, accuracy and strength, and required a good experience and a perfect training so that their use would be effective.

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