Horrible Ways of Dying in the Middle Ages

Living in the Middle Ages was not easy and losing one’s life as a young man was very common.

Before the vaccines, antibiotics or even the use of minimal hygiene measures, any disease that would be perfectly treatable today, like the most common infections, in the Middle Ages could be a death sentence. Even a superficial wound could kill you if it became infected, not a few those who lost members or the life product of the gangrene.

The death of the mother during childbirth was very common, since not only was minimal hygiene measures lacking, but also no prenatal care. One of the most common causes was the so-called puerperal fever, an infection of the reproductive organs that almost always culminated in death. That yes, it was a democratic demise, no matter the social class or how much wealth had accumulated, all could die in childbirth.

Although infectious diseases were a common cause of death in the Middle Ages, there was one that set records. It was the so-called black plague, which is estimated to have killed between one-third and one-half of Europeans during the Middle Ages. Significantly weak immunological systems, poor hygiene, and a highly contagious bacteria were a great help to the largest pandemic in history.

In the Middle Ages, the so-called Crusades developed, attempts to recover the places considered saints by the Catholic Church and which had fallen into the hands of the Muslims. Thousands and thousands of knights set out to recover these sites, killing in passing the Muslims who were in the way, abusing women and exterminating diverse cultures.

Although mass suicides have occurred at different times in history, the one that occurred on February 25, 1336, was a separate case. Four thousand people who were defending the Castle Pilenai, in Lithuania, were surrounded and surpassed by their enemies. Before being captured and turned into slaves, they set fire to the castle to destroy it and then commit suicide in group.

And although infectious disease or gangrene were common ways to die, Middle Ages were very cruel times and there were much more harsh ways to die. Here 10 most cruel and inhuman torture machines used in the Middle Ages.

1. Head Crusher.

The executioner slowly turned the screw until the skull was shattered and as a result, the eyes went out.

2. The Cradle of Judas.

The anus or vagina of the person was put in the tip of the pyramid, and with ropes, they went down until it was expanding and breaking.

3. The cat’s claw.

The peaks were not washed which made people who were subjected to this apparatus died of infections, as this apparatus destroyed the meat.

4. The hanger.

The victim was tied up and stretched until the bones completely separated and died.

5. The wheel.

Sometimes they set fire to him and turned to the victim, other times he was left there with his face in the sun for the birds to itch when rotting.

6. Knee Divider.

This one would destroy the person’s limbs.

7. Spanish donkey.

A person would sit naked, whereas executioner would put large amounts of weight on his/her feet. Eventually, victims bodies split in half.

8. Crocodile Tube.

The face or feet were put inside the tube, the tube was heated, and with this, the victim was mutilated.

9. Bronze Bull.

The person was introduced into the bull as they lit the fire. Until it burned or smothered.

10. Crocodile Shear.

The man’s penis was inserted and repeatedly squeezed until he died of bleeding.

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