Medieval Life - How did people live in the Middle Ages?

How did people live in the Middle Ages?

In medieval times, people’s lives were strongly conditioned by nature. The human being was considered another element of God’s creation as were plants, animals, earth or water. The man was in permanent contact with the environment around him so that nature was part of his daily life.

Men and women of all social classes suffered the hardness of the physical environment. Both the noble and the poor resorted to firing to fight the cold. Thanks to firewood or charcoal, the cold could be controlled. During the winter, the houses were the most used shelter to spend winters. The families used to wear numerous clothes and among them, the most important were the skins.

Medieval Life 2 - How did people live in the Middle Ages?

In the summer, men and women could only cope with the heat with the bathrooms or with the thick walls of the churches and castles.

In addition to the temperature, the different stations brought with them an important limitation: the use of time. This caused that during the night, the activities were reduced to the minimum. Labor companies banned their members work during the night since it was destined for peace and rest. It was forbidden to work at night because there was the possibility of causing a fire due to poor visibility.

There is no doubt that the submission of man to nature is evident on the occasion of the appearance of major catastrophes such as fires, diseases, floods, and droughts.

Fires, for example, were common at this time. They spread easily because the peasants’ houses were made of wood. An oversight was enough to lead to a great catastrophe!


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