medieval knight on horse - How to be a knight in the Middle Ages?

How to be a knight in the Middle Ages?

The word “knight” is related to a select group of warriors who staged significant battles during the Middle Ages. However, in order to become one, it needed more than courage and strength.

The medieval knights were characters of great importance in their time. Therefore, there are many stories about them, some real and some imaginary.

The knights were educated for the war, which was to be done with blood and fire because they could not understand another way of fighting, and also prepared for hunting, learning also moral and religious ideas. As children, the Knights moved to the lord’s castle of higher social rank, where they were educated by sharing games, education and even bed with the sons of the lord, to which they contributed small services such as cleaning the arms or carrying the shield, from where the concept of squire was born.

Apart from the war and the hunt, the most desired entertainment was tournament combat, which brought together rich and poor, lords and squires, knights and ladies, merchants and pedlars in open-air places, where they took the tournaments that were, more than a sport, a way to prepare for war.

Although we all know Knights of the Middle Ages for carrying large and heavy armor and for their courage when they appear on the battlefield, they are very unaware that, to be one of them, they needed character, discipline and a lot of money.

1. To become a knight, one needed to be rich.

Not anyone could be invested with such job since it was required to have enough money to buy the necessary equipment. Besides, a knight had to belong to a noble family.

2. The origin of the word.

The term logically comes from “horse”, because at that time those who were going to fight to the front of battle were mounted on this animal: owning one was crucial. The word did not originate in the medieval era but is believed to have arisen in the time of the Roman Empire.

3. Be honorable.

What we now know as chivalry is closely related to the obligations of knights in the Middle Ages. They made an oath by which they undertook to be loyal to the king or his lord, to respect the women and the weak, and to protect the Catholic Church.

medieval knight - How to be a knight in the Middle Ages?

4. Different levels and status.

Not all medieval warriors had the same rank. The knights who fought under the command of others were called “single knights”, while those who commanded large groups of soldiers were known as “knights commander”. To raise the rank, it was necessary to demonstrate accomplishments, courage, and skill in the fight. In modern times, the title of banneret was integrated into the aristocratic hierarchy: it is between knight and baron.

5. Knights still exist.

The title of knight continues to exist, although today they do not wear heavy shields or large swords. In the United Kingdom, the title of Sir, (which is granted by the queen of England), is used

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