medieval coins - Medieval Coins

Medieval Coins

During the Medieval Times, paper currency was not yet minted, so all existing money was made of different metals (copper, silver and gold). So basically, all money and currency in the Medieval Ages was different coins.  

Coins value depend on what kind of metal it was made of, its size and weight. The most valuable coins were made of gold, more common and not as valuable were silver and the lowest value coins were made of copper.

There were many different coins, each of which had different designs, weights, inscriptions, and the purity of the metals varied greatly also. Every coin had two sides –  obverse and reverse.  



Obverse means the front face of the object and this is the side on with the rulers face or name.

1. Kings face profile or portrait
2. King’s name and title



Whereas reverse means the back face and  was usually marked with the mint signature.

1. Mint data
2. Kingdom coat of arms
3. King family coat of arms
4. Denomination

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